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BMG - Social Media Graphics

Role: Graphic Designer | Social Media Manager | Marketing Analyst

Project Goal

Social Media Graphic Design for the BMG Paid Search social media account.

The primary focus was on creating engaging social media posts tailored to boost conversions. Extensive analysis was carried out on the BMG brand, as well as the target audience and niche, to gain a holistic perspective on how to best attract users. Over 180 posts were created with each ready for the upcoming months on the social media calender. Templates were made for each month's design to maintain a cohesive brand identity and to make creating future posts easier.

Below you will find a more in-depth look at my full process and solution for this project.

P1 - Project Analysis
I began with planning and project analysis. This phase allows me to understand more about the brand, what it represents, and document key project information such as the target audience, requirements, and the timeline for the project.

For this project, I defined the scope and requirements and carried out social listening to understand more about the target audience and how to best target specific user pain points.
P2 - Ideation
At this phase, I began to bring together what data I'd uncovered and started to brainstorm some creative ideas for each months theme. I also began looking at how I could break these monthly themes down into content pillars.

For the most part, I settled on seasonal posts, informational quotes, inspiring quotes, and posts that offered a glimpse into the BMG office and their culture. Using these pillars, I continued on to the content/design phase.
P3 - Content Creation
For the final phase, I began designing the themes in Canva and communicated with the team to ensure both parties were on the same page.

After each design was done for that month, I set aside time to write the copy for each post. For this, I looked to the best practices for copywriting as well as what was performing well with users across various social media platforms. Lastly, targeted hashtags were used on sites like instagram for maximum exposure.

With the posts done and the copy written, I packaged all media together and met with the client to go over details of the final designs.


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