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Ardent Ethos - Logo Design

Role: Graphic Designer | Marketing Analyst

Project Goal

The goal was to create a modern logo that encapsulated the brand identity of Ardent Ethos in a sleek and compact design.

Extensive analysis was carried out on the Ardent Ethos brand, as well as the target audience and niche(s), to gain a holistic perspective on the direction of the design. A process of analysis, ideation, and revision was carried out to create the final logo design pictured above.

Below you will find a more in-depth look at my full process and solution for this project.

P1 - Project Analysis
I began with planning and project analysis. This phase allows me to understand more about the brand, what it represents, and document key project information such as the target audience, requirements, and the timeline for the project.

For this project, I defined the scope and requirements, then researched a wide variety of sources related to the IT and digital design niches. The brand of Ardent Ethos can be summed up by its name which represents a fiery, passionate character that advocates for determination to reach new heights. All of this data would help influence the design through each phase of the design process going forward.
P2 - Ideation
At this phase, I began to bring together what data I'd uncovered and utilized a number of techniques to help brainstorm ideas. Some of theses techniques were art immersion, mind maps, and moodboards. If applicable, it is also crucial to communicate openly at this stage as ideas are coming and going and we need to make sure the design aligns with the clients vision.

After generating a wide array of creative ideas, I began sketching to explore a number of ideas. Using these ideas, I drafted the concept of a flame graphic which, quite literally, represented the fiery passion of Ardent Ethos.
P3 - Logo Design
For the final phase, I began designing logos based on the previous sketches and ideas.

Through iteration, I came to an interesting concept by combining the flame graphic with geometric shapes. Together, the flame brought the fiery passion of the brand while the geometric triangle shape brought stability, upward growth, and unity. After create a number of variations on this idea, I arrived at the final design.

With the design complete, I created a color palette for the design using, selected a fitting typeface, and added some final polish to tie everything together. Lastly, I exported the logo in a variety of formats and variants—including a default, inverted, and favicon variant—then packaged everything together for delivery.


Ardent Ethos Variations/ideas